Oh me oh my, what a wonderful time! A new blog is here, and I hope I’ll adhere.

A previous blog I had, it was boring and really bad.

I couldn’t bear to see more, of that awful bore.

This blog will be a diary, of my daily life merry.

So please come along with me,

in this wonderful journey.

Don’t squirm, don’t fret. The journey will be amazing, I bet.

So I bid you goodbye,

I hope to see you tomorrow with a new smile.


I had written this a long time ago for this blog’s first post. Just wanted to post this because this is the most success I’ve had in rhyming words. Haha!

By the way, I’ve been attending an online course on Coursera just for jokes. It’s a songwriting course. So this is my attempt in practicing to make rhymes (not that all songs need to have rhymes) but songs with good wordplay are the most memorable and catchy.

It’s one of the best online courses I’ve tried. Pat Pattison’s way of teaching is just exceptionally superb, and just how I imagined a songwriting course should be! I’ve never followed any musical or art classes, so yeah.

Excuse me, I now need to continue my classes because the deadline is coming. Until the next one!


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