Stroke of Midnight

Covered in blankets and pillows, I slept throughout the fireworks ensemble.

The cold I had for almost a week finally unleashed its power with fever, headache and inflamed tonsils, just a day before New Year. My head pretty much was going to explode with the loud booms.

My dad was loudly ‘watching’ television. He never actually watches it. He’s either scrolling through his Facebook or asleep. Anyway, the volume on the TV was really loud considering it was past midnight.

My brother was also loudly unpacking his suitcase. Basically, everyone was making loud noises. Or maybe it’s just my headache exaggerating everything.

Despite starting the year off in such a bad shape, I was happy.

Other’s ideal New Year’s celebration might be partying with friends or having karaoke night or playing with fireworks (somebody has to light those things, right?).

I was at home. In bed, sick as hell. But I was happy. I was with my family. My parents are still alive and well, looking after me, and me looking after them. We still have a house to live in. I am still loved by a lot of people. There isn’t anything I would like to change.

I am so blessed to still be living and breathing and love and be loved.


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