I’ve been using an app called Pocket for a while now. One day, in their weekly recommendation emails, this masterpiece came into my life.

Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams. Written by Monica Potts.

I shed a few tears reading the article. Despite being in so many hardships, Suzan still remained positive and kind. What a superpower to have!

Homelessness is a serious problem. With the price of property spiking, in the next few years, we’ll be seeing more and more people sleeping in the streets. Hopefully not.

In the Asian community, living with parents is still somewhat acceptable. I don’t know about other Asian countries, though (I live in Malaysia) but it’s pretty normal here to be over 25 and still living under the same roof with your parents AND with your siblings’ family. So, it’s three generations living in one roof.

I’m saying this because it seems like in western countries, as soon as you turn 20, it’s like an obligation to get out and find your own place.

Not that anything is wrong with that. I would also love to do that if only it was easy peasy.

What I don’t get is when someone makes fun of another because they still live with their parents. I mean, what if he just wants to spend more time after work with his parents, or he just wants to take care of them?

For me, I’d love to have my own place too but with the way situations are right now, I think it might be a little while before it happens.



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