Day #2 of Project Orange

The main character is finished. I might draw another one because it seems a little weird now that I’ve started animating it.

Walk cycle for the intro will be ready in 2 days. Lemme just watch a few tutorial videos because I forgot every damn thing I learned about this software.

Other than that, I just finished watching a Let’s Play of Life Is Strange by PewDiePie on YouTube. I’m so full of feels right now. Best game 10/10. Will elaborate more when I have the time to play it myself.

But seriously, this game is why I want to be a storyteller/writer/animator. I want to be that person who comes up with a story that touches people’s heart, make them cry and laugh and be so attached to the story so much that it changes their lives.

I’m now watching the Last of Us series.

What the hell am I doing with my life.

Until then. Bye for now.


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