Living The Thug Life…(sort of)

Author’s Note: I’ll be writing based on prompts once in a while if I’m bored. Today’s prompt is Breaking The Law.

I don’t know if skipping after-school activities counts as breaking the law…but I did. I was ten years old at the time.

As soon as the bell rang, my best friends and I (the three of us) went to a friend’s house which was, conveniently, just a five-minute walk from the school to play and relax before after-school activities start.

I always loved chilling at her house. We had so many stuff to play with. I remember vividly, we were so immersed in a baby spin slide toy. For some reason I don’t understand, the toy amused us.

Her neighbourhood also had a huge playground. It was probably the best playground I’ve ever been to in my childhood (I didn’t spend time a lot playing in playgrounds when I was a child) with a long downhill slide. Young Me probably thought it was the ultimate mega ultra slide, but I’m pretty sure if I went there again it would just be this shitty slide.

Sooo, we rested for a while and played games. Unfortunately, time decided to run faster and we realised we were late for school.

Huffing and puffing, we ran back to school, blaming each other for not keeping track of time. We arrived at the gate to see the afternoon assembly had started. The halls were full of students and the teacher had already started her usual motivational speech. There we were, standing behind the gate pillar all four of us squished together, thinking if we should enter and be called out for being late or just go back to our friend’s house and partayyyyyy.

We chose the latter.

Where’s the harm in skipping this week’s after-school activity?

I went back home feeling so badass about skipping for the first time. The thrill of being a ‘rebel’ got into my head.

I also had night class so there wasn’t any time to rest at home and process this little white lie. During my night class, I had a terrible feeling something was wrong.

When my dad came to pick me up, he was awfully quiet. A few minutes into the drive, he finally blurted something.

“Someone called me and…” He said, pausing for a moment, a sense of confusion in his voice, “Did you skip after-school activities today?”

I never was good at lying. So, I kept quiet. I gave it away just like that. Might as well just hold up a sign saying ‘GUILTY’ and have spotlights on me and fingers pointing at me.

On that night, I had the first serious lecture where I actually did something wrong and there was no way I was getting away with this.

Turns out, a family member of my friend, whose house we went to, called our parents (yes, also my friend’s parents) to inform us of our bad behaviour.

Thinking about it now, I don’t regret it. It was just another stupid choice. Since then, I never skipped school again. Or, have I??????

Stay in school, kids.


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