Wanna Know A Secret?

I’ve never really told anyone about this. But, I cheated in a poem competition years ago. (cue the thug life meme)

There’s a routine I do annually, where I go through my old stuff to try and rekindle old memories. I found some ‘letters to myself’ my teacher forced my class to do in 2012. I didn’t write any emotional, life-changing stuff in my letter, which I regret deeply. I could use some motivation from my past-self right now.

Diaries filled with embarrassing teen stuff and ugly drawings I made, it’s all still here, carefully placed in a box. I’m proud of myself for holding on to them. It keeps me grounded to my past.

But, there’s one thing that bothers me.

A poem I wrote in 2011 that won me second place in a competition.

It was English Week at our school. Our English teacher entered the class and made us write a poem for a competition.

Being the aspiring writer I was, it was a very exciting project for me. Unfortunately, writing creative things requires you to brainstorm a little more than just an hour.

Fiddling back and forth with words, I found myself singing The Beatles and Paul McCartney songs. Guess what I did? I actually slipped in little bits of lyrics from their songs into my poem.

The poem was 40% of song lyrics and 60% of my own words.

I finished it just in time to hand it in. Appropriately titled, A Day In The Life.

A few weeks later, I was announced as the second place winner. I won a RM20 voucher for bread and buns at our school canteen, which I shared with my friends.

What’s funny about it is the poem had no direction at all. First, I was talking about war, and then I was talking about not belonging anywhere, next it was love, and, in the end, I was talking about a place I long for.

How did I win? It’s still a mystery.

So, kids, don’t be afraid to bullshit your way through life. Doing so helped me through a lot. A LOT.

Happy Thursday, everyone.


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