Kota Belud Sabah Malaysia

I’ve never been fond of the sea; I was always scared, foolishly if I may say, of the vast ocean.

I cried on my first boat ride to an island. And my parents never bought me on a trip to an island ever again. Recently, I had a trip to an island with a couple of friends. I can’t say I had a good time.

But, I love admiring it from afar.

There’s always something mysterious and romantic about the sea. I could watch the waves crash the seashore for hours and be content.

“The sound of the waves remind me of home,” A friend of mine said a long time ago.

She was 2515 miles from her home. I looked at her while she listens as the waves laps at the shore. She had her eyes closed and a little smile.

I wonder what sounds of nature I might miss when I’m at another man’s homeland.


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