Music is a wondrous thing, isn’t it?

Sometimes, they help express a feeling that isn’t available to be said literally. Sometimes, they can cure a broken heart.

We sing to it. We dance to it. It’s no wonder that music brings us all together.

Music has been wonderful to me. I’ve made friends through music. I’ve travelled to a whole new world through music. And I’ve had the privilege to introduce some of my friends to that world. The looks on their face when they say the music is good is precious. I only thank the maker of the music.

Recently, I watched a movie, I guess I can call it a musical film because they were singing and dancing, and I loved how raw it was. The music was absolutely my cup of tea. Some might say the movie a little hipster (what they mean is pretentious. The movie is not.) but I loved it. It was true to the director and that’s what makes it a good movie.

The movie is called God Help The Girl. If you like indie pop and the lot, you’ll love the songs featured in this movie. GO watch it.

Heard // 8th February 2017


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