Now, this is the type of videos that should go viral on the internet. I’m so in love with this video.

I wonder what might be on my mind when I (if God willing) turn 100. Or if I’m lucky, when I turn 30. Haha.

The elders in the video are so content despite having lived through a gazillion amount of changes in society. One even adapted the iPad into his life, which I think is amazing. I can’t even get my parents to turn on the television. And they’re not even in their sixties.

Talking about regrets, they don’t really have much. But one thing that is consistent through all three of them is family relationship regrets. I’m pretty sure all of us have rebelled in some way with our parents.

“It’s not a phase, Mom. Sheesh.” We say.

“You just don’t understand, Dad. Sheesh.” We say.

“Stop embarrassing me. Sheesh.” We say.

Well, maybe not the sheesh part. You get what I mean, right? *sheesh*

Young and alive, all we wanted to do was to spend time with friends. Experience the world being away from family. Day after day goes by without us even acknowledging they too, are growing old. And when you know it, it’s too late.

Too often the story goes like this. Every single person out there, who’s been privileged to have both parents who care about them, regret the way they treated their parents. They wish they had done more to care, to love, to help and to be by their side.

So, why don’t we learn from other people’s mistakes? Is it ego? Or is it just because we don’t care enough to change?

It’s a complicated question for people with a complicated relationship with their parents.

It’s scary to think of the day my parents will pass. I can’t even think about it without tearing up.

Yet, it’s a day that will happen no matter what.


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