Hide and Seek.

One of the games I loved to play when I was a kid was hide and seek (who doesn’t, right?). I remember hiding with my sister in the dusty, dark storage room we had in our previous home. My brother came into the room and looked for a while before closing the door again because he didn’t see us. We were hiding behind all those boxes and furniture.

We were giggling and trying not to make any noise. Then, my brother came in again and this time he looked very hard. And he found us. That storage room was the hotspot for a hideout. Whenever we played the game that would be the first place we’d go.

It was such a simple game. A game that I had played a lot in primary school.

In fact, my friends and I made a sort of a hybrid of that game and another game, Tag. We named it “Agent 016”, inspired by a local TV show which was about spies and cops.

The game was simple. You are divided into two groups. There will be an item which you (any of the two teams) will guard. We used rock paper scissors to determine who gets the item first. You must not let the other team get the item so do everything you can to guard it. Run, hide, whatever.

You can imagine the roughhousing involved in this game. We were running and shouting and laughing like a maniac. We’d also do a little misdirection. I remember holding the decoy item while the other teammate runs the other way. We’d play until the bell rings for our after school activities.

One particular day, (And I remember this so well because it was so embarrassing) we were playing it at school. Instead of having lunch like other kids, we were running around the school: up the stairs, to the next block, through the canteen. I was doing some sort of look out from the top of the school block and I saw the other team coming towards us. So I screamed. Like seriously screamed as if I was in the war.

“Look out!” I screamed. Everyone looked at me, including my teammate who then began to run.

The game went on until the bell rang and we went to the hall for assembly (we had assembly before our after-school activities). We sang the national anthem and then the Discipline Teacher went on stage.

“Who was screaming during break hour?” She said.

I knew she was talking about me.

“Please behave yourself when you play on school grounds.” She continued. My friends were looking at me, trying not to laugh. I felt like the whole school was looking at me. They knew it was me. The teachers even saw me. “We had visitors and this is not the way we want our visitors to see our school.”

She paused for a moment.

“Don’t embarrass our school,”

That was probably the last time we played the game. We tried to play it again but it just wasn’t the same. Guess the game had an expiry date.


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