The Cosmos.


Have you heard the news?

Seven new Earth-size alien planets were discovered!

Quoting the, “the exoplanets circle the star TRAPPIST-1, which lies just 39 light years from Earth,” Yes! Just 39 light years, peeps.

The fact that they wrote ‘just’ 39 light years is hilarious to me. Nonetheless, this is such an intriguing news.

Somewhere out there, there are planets just the size of Earth. It would take years for the astronomers to figure out more about the planets. For example, does the planets have water or perhaps, living creatures?? Humans? Or ALIENS???

I feel like a little child again reading all these fascinating stories about space.

Believe it or not, I once wanted to be an Astronomer. I was so proud of having this dream too. All my friends were telling generic career dreams like a doctor or a teacher or a policeman. And there I was, smug and all that, saying “I WANT TO BE AN ASTRONOMER!”

Little do I know that it takes so much more than curiosity to be an Astronomer. I never was good at Physics and I was also shit on my other science subjects. Oh well. I’ll always have blogs about space and YouTube. Thanks, Internet.

My love for the cosmos was influenced by my Dad. He wasn’t a science guy but he had a great passion for science. And he is a space enthusiast. He loves to read about space and watches Discovery Channel all the time.

When I was a kid, on our early morning drive to school, he’d tell stories about the enchanting cosmos: about Mars and the possibility of it being our second Earth, about the Sun and its mighty rays. And of course, the favourite of all conspiracy knock heads, the Aliens.

My Dad had a book (which thinking about it now, it was such a bullshit book) about aliens. The book listed types of aliens that ‘existed’. They even had illustrations of these aliens. The green one, the one with a big head, the one that looks like a lizard and one that looks almost like humans.

One day, I decided to bring the book to school to show my friends. I was having fun sharing with them about these weird creatures when the teacher confiscated it! She said it was ‘disrupting study time’. Jokes on you, teacher, because I was the school Prefect and I had ‘access’ to the Discipline Teacher’s room (it’s where they keep all the confiscated stuff). I went there and stole the book back. HAHA.

Anyway, here’s to more discoveries of the strange and magical thing we call Space.




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