Quote Note #8

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Fear of uncertainty is something a lot of us suffer from.

Most of the time, this fear has a cost. Maybe a promotion, or a spouse, or a new friend, or a chance to finally be living that dream life of yours, etc.

It’s comfortable to live in a surrounding where nothing exciting ever happens because you’re safe. Nothing can hurt you and you can keep on living mediocrely.

Trust me, nothing good will ever come out of this way of lifestyle.

It takes guts to gamble on the risks of taking that leap. But sometimes, it’s what you exactly need to do.

You’ll never know your true colours if you hesitate to go beyond your safe space.

Future me, do yourself a favour and don’t hesitate.


Quote Note #7


The beauty of life is you never stop learning. There’s always something out there to be learnt, to be embraced.

So be humble with what you know. Be humble with that small bit of life you’ve mastered. Respect other people’s knowledge. Ask for their wisdom. Learn a little more. Share a little more.

Because in the end, you know nothing at all.

Quote Note #6

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The phrase ‘good thing comes to those who wait’ is somewhat misleading, you know? Of course, this quote is about the virtue of patience. But you don’t actually just sit around waiting for something to happen. You make things happen.

So get up, go out and do things. Even though it’s Monday today. Don’t let the blues get to ya. Happy Monday everybody!

Quote Note #6


I don’t quite remember who said these beautiful words. I wrote this down in a notebook back in 2014. Another quote written on top of it was,

“Responsible is taking the gift God gave you and doing something with it.”

I believe they were written by the same person.

I think everyone can resonate with this quote. We were born to this world to contribute something to the society. Of course, not EVERYBODY is going to be the next Steve Jobs or Brad Pitt. But hey, your life is significant to a small part of the world and what you do with it can greatly impact the rest of the world. And that’s great enough.

So go forth dear friends, chase your dreams! Be the hero your kids, future kids or (if you’re not that interested in having kids of your own) furry babies look up to.

Quote Note #5


My main mission in life is to create value for myself by helping others.

I find satisfaction in helping people. I think it helps me feel good about myself when I know I’ve made another person’s day better. Even if it’s just by smiling or holding the door for the person behind me.

So if you find yourself looking for a better meaning in life, my advice would be: help others. Help your family, help your friends and help your neighbours. You’ll soon find the sense of ecstasy in doing those good deeds.