Favourite Things…

Music that makes me dance. Making my friends smile. Chocolate everything. Sitting on the bed, snuggled up reading a book. Playtime with my little nieces and hearing them laugh. Pages after pages of written words from my mind. Hours of crafting a drawing. Waking up to rainy mornings. Singing in the car with friends. Cats. Kittens. Listening to my mum laugh. Cooking a meal for my family. Watching a good movie. Playing the ukulele. Playing the guitar.

These are a few of my favourite things.

You’d think that happiness is complicated and expensive. But when you really pay attention, you can find happiness is simple and it’s abundant in our everyday lives.

Sure, an all-expense paid trip to London would make me a very, very happy girl. But I’m pretty content chatting up with a couple of friends in a cafe, listening to good music.

On another note, I haven’t listened to this song in years. Surely everyone knows this song, right?

Happy Thursday, everyone.


Sketchbook Stuff

It’s not easy to draw. But it’s easy to doodle.

This is my attempt to draw circles and ellipses. I failed miserably to my fleeting mind as you can see. (I was obsessed with La La Land when I was doodling this. Haha.)

Quote Note #6


I don’t quite remember who said these beautiful words. I wrote this down in a notebook back in 2014. Another quote written on top of it was,

“Responsible is taking the gift God gave you and doing something with it.”

I believe they were written by the same person.

I think everyone can resonate with this quote. We were born to this world to contribute something to the society. Of course, not EVERYBODY is going to be the next Steve Jobs or Brad Pitt. But hey, your life is significant to a small part of the world and what you do with it can greatly impact the rest of the world. And that’s great enough.

So go forth dear friends, chase your dreams! Be the hero your kids, future kids or (if you’re not that interested in having kids of your own) furry babies look up to.

Red Memory Box

“Hey, remember when we joked about her having a military style wedding?”

I almost spat out my drink. Our laughter roared through the restaurant that was only occupied by us and a couple other groups. Each of us then chipped in with our own memories of the past. Our teenage years.

Then my friend said, “Remember that book we had?”

And oh boy do I remember.

It also made me realise I haven’t done my annual little routine.

I have this weird little habit. Every year, at no specific time or date, I’ll feel the urge to go through what I call, my memory box.

This year, it was the words from my friend that triggered the urge.

After our brunch, I went home and searched for it.

What is this memory box?

Well, it is what it is. A box full of memories. Or for some people (my mum), JUNK. At first glance, it would look like it. But alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These scraps of paper and torn up books are all treasures to me. This box is where I put random stuff collected over the years I’ve lived; trinkets, journals and notebooks, old pictures, torn up notes, letters from 7 years ago, sketchbook and a book, a special book. The book my friend mentioned earlier.

Created over 9 years ago, it lies in the deepest of my memory box. This book is why I go through the box every year.

What was so special about this book?

Well, think of your diary from when you were a teenager just going through puberty. Now think of a diary where you shared it with 4 other of your best friends. Yup. The Ultimate Diary.

This ultimate diary will kill you with cringy and embarrassing teen stuff. We were young and full of dreams and we poured our heart and soul into this book. This book was somewhat a written proof of a promise to each other that we’d stick and grow a business together.

I remember telling my mother about this dream of ours and she smirked, clearly amused by our gullibleness. I defended myself and she said,

“I know you love your friends. But you’ll have lives of your own.”

And she was right.

I think the hardest truth any teenager could face is that as you grow up, you’ll see lesser familiar faces. You’ll walk the roads of adulthood independently. You’ll occasionally bump into those familiar faces but ultimately, you’re on your own.

I’m still close with my friends. But I know in a few years we’ll see less of each other. But it doesn’t mean we’re done. We’ll still be best friends forever. Just growing separately, like all relationship should.

There isn’t a time where I don’t laugh my ass off reading this book. Every page is like a memory capsule. As I flip through the pages, it’s almost as if I can hear the conversations that took place.

The life pro tip here is that don’t hesitate to take pictures or to keep notes from your friends or to make a journal entry and adding the smallest detail. Instead of taking good pictures, I took candid pictures of my friends. I kept most of my notebooks because sometimes my friends would scribble something on it and it’s those small moments that I would end up appreciating. After a big trip with family or friends, I always write down in my journal about the events, describing every detail I remember. It’s things like this that made me remember the past so vividly.

As Gretchen Rubin says in her book The Happiness Project, be a treasure house of happy memories.

Do you have your own memory box?