Two Boys.


Credit: Himesh Behera

The other day I drove my mother to the bank. I had to wait in the car because there wasn’t any parking available. I was minding my own business, singing along to the Ed Sheeran song playing on the radio when something caught my eye.

I was parked near a garbage centre and there they were, two little boys, playing with the trash. They were running and jumping around scouring the dumpster for something. I was quite confused to see these two boys, well dressed and also looked well fed. I looked as they made a bed frame into a slide. They placed plastic bags full of trash from the dumpster under the bed frame to angle it at a certain degree so they could slide down. A man walked past them and they hid for a moment waiting for him to walk away and then they’d start playing again.

I watched them as they play until my mother arrived and we drove away.

I didn’t know what to feel. Was it anger towards the parents? Was it sympathy towards the kids? Was it sadness?

I shouldn’t judge. Maybe they were just playing there because they were bored. I imagine the faces of their parents when they see the mess they had made. But what if they were unfortunate children born into a poor family? It was such a hard scene to witness but their laughter and smile were so genuine. They were happy.

I know. In other third world countries, there are scenes much heartbreaking than this one. Poverty is a horrible thing and we should all give a hand in helping these people.

One thing for sure, I’m amazed at how smart they were. They had an idea to build something from scraps.

I sincerely hope these kids will grow up to be successful and in return, give a better life to their family. Engineers or architects maybe. May God bless their souls.