Amongst The Clouds

After running 6 laps, I sat on the spectators seat to enjoy the view. The rainbow decided to show up for a brief moment before the dark clouds swoop over, covering the setting sun’s rays.

If I could train or work out in a place like this every day, I’d be the happiest most Zen person in the world.

My heart belongs to this town and another place I’ve never been to.




Credit: Joy Stamp

I love birthdays. In fact, I used to love planning surprises for friends. But my own birthday, not so much. It’s a reminder of me getting old.


Not to be emo, but I hate growing old (The word hate might be an exaggeration. It’s probably more of a dislike.) I wanted to die before I turned 17. However, we all must deal with it and most of the time, unprepared for the ‘surprises’ and revelations that await us.

All emo stuff aside, my birthday this year was quite spiritual.

In my previous post, I wrote about my favourite things and one of it was waking up to rainy mornings.

It hadn’t rain for a few weeks where I live. It did rain heavily during the nights but never in the morning.

Lo and behold, yesterday morning (the morning of my birthday) it rained! Light showers, just how I love it.

It may just be a coincidence. But, I love to think of it as a gift from God. I was going through a hard time and it was a pleasantly needed surprise.