Amongst The Clouds

After running 6 laps, I sat on the spectators seat to enjoy the view. The rainbow decided to show up for a brief moment before the dark clouds swoop over, covering the setting sun’s rays.

If I could train or work out in a place like this every day, I’d be the happiest most Zen person in the world.

My heart belongs to this town and another place I’ve never been to.



Kota Belud Sabah Malaysia

I’ve never been fond of the sea; I was always scared, foolishly if I may say, of the vast ocean.

I cried on my first boat ride to an island. And my parents never bought me on a trip to an island ever again. Recently, I had a trip to an island with a couple of friends. I can’t say I had a good time.

But, I love admiring it from afar.

There’s always something mysterious and romantic about the sea. I could watch the waves crash the seashore for hours and be content.

“The sound of the waves remind me of home,” A friend of mine said a long time ago.

She was 2515 miles from her home. I looked at her while she listens as the waves laps at the shore. She had her eyes closed and a little smile.

I wonder what sounds of nature I might miss when I’m at another man’s homeland.