Rocks and Beaches.

Despite an uneventful Eid; my dad was away for most of it because of work, we did go on a short road trip to the Tip of Borneo.




I feel truly blessed to call Sabah my home.



Kota Belud Sabah Malaysia

I’ve never been fond of the sea; I was always scared, foolishly if I may say, of the vast ocean.

I cried on my first boat ride to an island. And my parents never bought me on a trip to an island ever again. Recently, I had a trip to an island with a couple of friends. I can’t say I had a good time.

But, I love admiring it from afar.

There’s always something mysterious and romantic about the sea. I could watch the waves crash the seashore for hours and be content.

“The sound of the waves remind me of home,” A friend of mine said a long time ago.

She was 2515 miles from her home. I looked at her while she listens as the waves laps at the shore. She had her eyes closed and a little smile.

I wonder what sounds of nature I might miss when I’m at another man’s homeland.

Project Orange, Day Zero

Okay. Time to get serious.

I’ve been putting this little project off since October 2015. Wow. Has it been that long? Time sure does fly fast… So fast it’s creeping me out…

I’m going off topic. Might as well tell you some back story.


In mid-August, on the comfort of my sofa, I enjoyed the rainy weather with a little Youtube binge watching. I clicked on a song called Ma Belle, Evangeline.

You know that feeling when you find an old notebook from your teenage douchey years, reading teenage stuff and cringing but at the same time, you’re also laughing and trying not to cry because you’re so happy?

That was exactly how I felt when I clicked on that video. Nostalgia.

I had listened to the song a while back and completely forgot about it. Despite being so in love with the song, I never really got the chance to appreciate it even more.

Discovering the song again made me so happy, that I decided to form a band.

Yup. A band.

Well, not really a band. I just called my friends and said, “Hey do you want to go out and sing some songs together?”

It was weird, yes. But when you’re in the state of head over heels, anything is possible.

Somewhere along the time of planning the get-together, we decided to have it recorded so we could post it on Youtube. That means forming a band-kind-of, trio something of a group. I don’t even know what we’re called. Haha!

Taken by my lovely friend, Amira

And so we went off to a secluded beach. We were greeted with the most amazing sights. The emerald-coloured sea water compliments the clear azure sky. The waves gently lapping on the shore, producing the most heavenly sounds. How great is God’s gift to us.

We recorded a few songs. Had some goofy moments where our slippers were almost washed out to the sea. Forgetting lyrics and out-of-tune ukulele playing. I’m not a musician okay, nor was I planning to be.

Thus born-eth the group(/solo/trio I don’t actually know the status, okay?) The Azurites.

Here’s the video, kindly watch it puh-lease 🙂

A few months later, November to be exact, I asked my bandmate (I JUST SAID BANDMATE HAHAHA IT’S JUST SO WEIRD) to write an original song so I could make a lyric video for our channel.

Now, it’s January of 2016. Do you see how badass my procrastination skills is?

So, to help me finish what I’ve started, I’m going to document this itsy bitsy project, so I’m more conscious of where the hell I’m going or if I’m even moving at all.

I’m planning to make a 2D animation using After Effects. This is my first animation. I have no prior experience at all with Ae.

Let’s just pray I don’t fuck things up. Or not suck too bad. Or take another 5 months to get it done.

Bear with me people.