Unusual Encounters (at least for me)


Living in Sabah, it’s very rare to see hitchhikers on the road. At least those ones that are portrayed in movies (you know, those people carrying a huge backpack over their shoulders, putting their thumbs up in the air when a car comes close hoping to get a free ride). I don’t know about others but for me, it’s not a common thing to see here.

So when I do see one, I get really excited. Don’t judge. I get really, really excited as if I’m meeting a celebrity.

Last Saturday, I saw a guy on the road. I thought he was some homeless man because he was pulling some stuff by a cart thing on the side of a busy road. I looked at this man, my friend who was driving was also expressing her confusion, and I saw the sign he was holding. It was a cardboard sign with the word ‘AIRPORT’ written on it with a black marker. In that split second, I looked at his face and he was beaming with his smile. He was practically skipping to a car that had stopped for him.

I don’t know why but it made me so happy.

I went home and told a friend of mine about the little encounter I just had. And she reminded me of another hitchhiker (or probably just a guy on the side of the road, but he was a white guy in an Asian country,  though) I met about two years ago.

I was on my way to my kampung when we drove past this man. I vaguely remember him looking like Chick from Bates Motel (a little more clean cut and a shorter beard). He wore a bunch of colourful clothes, I figured it must be the traditional clothes he’d acquired on his ongoing adventure. As we drove past him, his eyes met mine and I must’ve looked like a kid getting her birthday cake because he smiled at me, with his tired eyes.

And just like that, he made my day. For a whole week, I developed a crush on this unknown man I saw on the side of the road. That weird moment made me long for a life that I’ve never had.

I wish I had the chance to talk to these men and listen to their stories. Oh well. Wherever they are, I hope they’re safe and still having fun with their adventures.


Happy International Women’s Day!

gaelle-marcel-206893.jpgHappy International Women’s Day to all!

While there is still struggle for women’s rights, I think we can all say that the society’s attitude towards working women has changed a lot, positively.

With that said, I’d like to share a story of my own.

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Things I Wish.


  1. To be confident in my own body.
  2. To own more books.
  3. To read more books.
  4. To draw better.
  5. To not stumble with words when I speak in front of people.
  6. To show affection more.
  7. To go out more.
  8. To play musical instruments beautifully.
  9. To not give a fuck.
  10. To not know what chocolate taste like so I can experience eating chocolate for the first time.
  11. To be eighteen again.
  12. To start over.
  13. To start over.
  14. To not be afraid to make mistake.
  15. To grow old.
  16. To have it all figured out.
  17. For peaceful death.

Last Train.

“Last call for the train to High Point.” A female’s voice spoke through the speakers. The voice echoed through the station.

Mike’s eyes were fixated on the man. The man was standing still in the swarms of humans rushing for the train. It was hard to see the man’s expression. He had sunglasses on, which was highly inappropriate since it was raining heavily outside, not to mention they were indoors.

“I’ve seen him before…” he thought.

As he drifted into his own thought trying to recall this man from his past, someone spoke behind him.

“If you’re not going to board the train,” A big chubby man glared at him as he rudely pushed Mike to the side, “then get out of the fucking way!”

He realised he had been blocking the way to the train door. Mike managed to mutter a ‘sorry’ to the line of people he had unintentionally build up but they only ignored him.

He waited patiently to board again, praying that he won’t be late. But he was always late. He had come to terms with that part of his life. His family, not so much. Can he even call them his family, anymore? They never invite him to family gatherings, they never celebrate birthdays together. But how could he complain?

It was his fault the divorce happened. He never tried. It was his fault his children didn’t know him and he didn’t know his children. He never tried to make the family work.

This was his fourth time in a row of being late. Late to pick up the children at High Point train station for his trimonthly visitation. He gets to see his children for the weekend, once every three months. He would’ve been more excited if the children didn’t hate him. But he tries. He has tried ever since the divorce. And today he tries again.

His eyes gazed once more towards the man in the coat. Something about him was familiar. Despite wearing the sunglasses, Mike felt the guy was watching him. From afar, he could see the man shaking his head in disapproval subtly.

Mike could’ve ignored the man and just board the train but he couldn’t take another step. Instead, he went after the man.

“Hey,” Mike called out the man in the coat. He got a few confused look from passengers.

“Door closing,” The female’s voice echoed through the speakers. It was followed by beeps to signal passengers to step away from the train doors.

Slowly, the man in the coat walked away. Taking a few steps back and then turning his back completely and walked into the roaring crowd rushing for the train.

“Hey!” Mike shouted again. “Wait!” He followed the man.

The doors close but Mike didn’t feel any regrets. The train rumbled and made its way to its destination.

He ran after the man through the hallways and stairs. At least that was what he thought. Along the way, people shout obscenities at him for causing such a racket. He reached the lobby, but he had lost him. His eyes dart swiftly looking for the man.

“It’s not your time,” He heard someone whispered in his right ear.

He abruptly turned around and saw no one even remotely near him to whisper that close.

“It couldn’t be him,” Mike thought, “No way.”

He stood there, baffled. After a few minutes, he finally recollected himself. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and made his way to the train schedule board. The next train was about 25 minutes. And that was when he heard a faint bang. The building then shook for almost a minute.

Everything was at a standstill. Every conversation was in halt. People stopped walking. It was like the earth paused for a moment. A crowd of people then emerged from the stairs leading to the basement where the trains were.

“What was that?” Mike heard someone ask.

“I don’t know,” Someone answered.

Some were crying, some were just pacing around. Some were talking on the phone. Some were just sitting in disbelief.

“There was a loud sound and I just ran.” Someone said.

“There was an explosion.” Another said. “Goddamn, those terrorists.”

Soon the police and firemen came and asked people to remain calm. Troops of police went down to the basement. After what seems like an eternity, a policeman came up and explained the situation.

It was the train. The train he was supposed to board had he not followed the man in the coat. The train came into collision with another train.

“It’s him.” Mike thought.

“It’s definitely him.”

Mike had only seen him in shifty conspiracy sites and Youtube videos that looked edited and pictures that looked photoshopped. A man who was dubbed as the Angel. People who had almost been involved in major accidents shared stories of this mysterious being warning them, saving them from death.

Mike’s phone rang. It was his ex-wife. He answered the call immediately without thinking.

“Mike? Thank God.” His ex-wife said as he said hello. He could hear the woman sobbing. She continued asking all kinds of questions and how she’s thankful he’s alive. Mike couldn’t catch what she was talking but heard an ‘I love you’ in midst of all those thing’s she said.

“I’m sorry. I’m late again,” Mike said, still in disbelief. His wife started crying harder and he broke down too. Confused and scared.

“It was the Angel,”  Mike thought. “He saved me.”

This was a story I made up based on a prompt posted at a subreddit, which I can’t seem to find now. Reddit has an amazing sub where you can get amazing writing prompts. Head on over there!


Now, this is the type of videos that should go viral on the internet. I’m so in love with this video.

I wonder what might be on my mind when I (if God willing) turn 100. Or if I’m lucky, when I turn 30. Haha.

The elders in the video are so content despite having lived through a gazillion amount of changes in society. One even adapted the iPad into his life, which I think is amazing. I can’t even get my parents to turn on the television. And they’re not even in their sixties.

Talking about regrets, they don’t really have much. But one thing that is consistent through all three of them is family relationship regrets. I’m pretty sure all of us have rebelled in some way with our parents.

“It’s not a phase, Mom. Sheesh.” We say.

“You just don’t understand, Dad. Sheesh.” We say.

“Stop embarrassing me. Sheesh.” We say.

Well, maybe not the sheesh part. You get what I mean, right? *sheesh*

Young and alive, all we wanted to do was to spend time with friends. Experience the world being away from family. Day after day goes by without us even acknowledging they too, are growing old. And when you know it, it’s too late.

Too often the story goes like this. Every single person out there, who’s been privileged to have both parents who care about them, regret the way they treated their parents. They wish they had done more to care, to love, to help and to be by their side.

So, why don’t we learn from other people’s mistakes? Is it ego? Or is it just because we don’t care enough to change?

It’s a complicated question for people with a complicated relationship with their parents.

It’s scary to think of the day my parents will pass. I can’t even think about it without tearing up.

Yet, it’s a day that will happen no matter what.